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What is a Good Design for a Mobile Site


A good mobile website design must include the following features:

  • Small web page size
  • Be accessible
  • Valid XHTML 1.1 Basic
  • Simple navigation
  • Useful information
  • Be easy to find
  • Be mobile-friendly

Should you wish to see what our mobile website looks like on your desktop computer, press the mobile icon at the top of this page, or simply press this link: How to find a mobile-friendly website?

Internet Explorer users should note that some versions may not support .xhtml file extensions and prompt you for permission to open the file. Although valid mobile pages must be served as XHTML, Explorer desktop treats these files as suspicious or executable file types. Explorer mobile expects XHTML files and has no problem opening them. Just one more example of how Microsoft is still behind the times!

What is a mobile web page?
Mobile web page designs must be small and valid or they won’t help your company find customers. Pages written for the mobile web must be written for users of small-screen devices and so you can’t use large graphics or provide very much information on any single page. Writing very specific information on good web pages will get good results on mobile search engines. That’s exactly how a good optimizer will optimize web pages. A mobile web page should never use JavaScripts or flash animations because mobile web browsers simply don’t support them.

Although mobile pages look small and strange on a full-sized computer monitor, they can look huge on a mobile device. A well-designed web page will contain simple, obvious text links to more good information pages. The most important item to have on every mobile web page is your phone number and the most important web page on your site, is how to find you. If you need help getting a mobile web site, we’re mobile web-optimizers.

Valid mobile web sites are designed to conform to valid mobile standards. On a mobile web site, markup errors can create a poor user experience or even make the site useless to potential customers. To be valid, a mobile website must use very small web pages (under 10KB) and at that size, even small mistakes can make a site unusable on a mobile device. W3C recommends that mobile web pages be written in valid XHTML Basic 1.1 and only use valid CSS 1 for stylesheets since most mobile browsers support these valid formats and Google agrees.

A site that will validate to mobile standards, is also more search engine friendly than most of the sites on the mobile web. Good designers will always build a mobile site that will be a valid mobile. If you decide to get a mobile site, please insist that every page is valid or your site might not find new business for your company and that defeats the purpose of getting a mobile site.

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