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What Makes a Website Important


Text information is the most important website feature
Common words, written on a web page. Free information is what a business web site is for. The detailed explanations that you write on the web page, are all that describe a business to both search engines and your human visitors as well. The words on your logo or other picture graphics are only usable by sighted people, using a graphical browser. They don’t help your search engine results at all. Many business website owners falsely believe the myth, that their web site is simply another form of advertising.

Their web pages look great but only have pictures of products rather than a detailed text description of their products or services. This is search engine suicide! It’s important to understand how search engines work if you’re trying to get a website that’s good for business since good business websites simply help potential customers find information. All of the components of a good web page are important to the quality of a website. However, the most important website is the website that has answers to important questions. Good websites are where you can always find answers to your important questions.

The advantages of good text descriptions over pictures are:

  • text loads almost instantly, graphics take extra time to display
  • search engines can only read text information
  • text information is simple to edit or update as necessary
  • you can create simple links to focused or expanded information from within the text information
  • your visitors are searching for important information when they visit your website
  • text is accessible to nearly everyone, which creates a useable website

Databases and dynamic web page components
Dynamically generated web pages rely on a database to assemble each web page on the fly. Since the web page can change information content for each visitor, search engines often have difficulty giving a true page ranking to this type of page. Dynamic websites can have important security issues to overcome. If needed, you can include an inventory database on your website, if you update it frequently.

Accessibility is important
The primary product of the World Wide Web is open-source information. Open source means free information for everyone. Many of the people who could benefit from all this free information are unable to access it, due to physical or mental disabilities. Business websites that make information accessible to nearly everyone, prove that they care about customers needs. A user-friendly website can find new customers for your business. Accessible website features are simply good business features to have on any website.

Is a good name important?
An important SEO component. Choosing the right name for a business website is one of the most important business decisions a business owner can make. Unfortunately, this is usually were choosing a company name with a .com extension, appears to be obvious. But it’s a common mistake. The importance that search engines place on the right domain name can’t be overstated. Good SEO starts with a good website name.

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