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Why Are Website Menus Important?


A good menu must be easy to find, simple to understand and follow. Menus are simply an organized collection of hyperlinks. Although Javascript and flash menus offer design options that are beautiful, they should be avoided. Unless the visitor’s web browser supports the script or has the right plug-in already installed, they can’t even use the menu! Visitors will quickly leave a web site when they can’t find the information that they came for. If your website’s main menu does not provide text links to all your information pages, you need to provide a good sitemap and a good menu. Including a site search feature on each web page, makes navigating a website simple. Usability is a critical component of every successful business web site. A user-friendly website will help you find new customers.

Links or good text links
Links are what the World Wide Web (WWW) is all about. Having many links is a good thing, a few links is a bad thing. Internal links allow visitors to find additional information on your site, that expands on or explains information topics. Outgoing links allow visitors to find important information on other important websites. Links are important.

Pictures are important too
Graphics include all the pictures, backgrounds, borders and other visual presentation effects. Good graphics use can enhance a visitor’s experience. Overdo the flash components and you can lose professional credibility, very quickly.

Are meta tags important?
The proper use of meta tags is important to every website. In the early days of the WWW, meta tag abuse reduced the value that search engines place on most of the meta tag components found in proper Html. That said, some meta tags are still important to SEO. Since meta tags help browsers to display web pages correctly, they help to create a user-friendly website. The most important meta tag is the description tag since it is the summary of each page.

Page titles are very important
W3C calls the page title tag the most important element of a quality web page for some very good reasons. The title of every document should describe what the document information is about. This is an absolutely critical component for every web page on a good business website. About us and who we are, are worthless page titles. SEO is often about writing good page titles, as a first step in improving search results.

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