Modern technology gives us many things.

You Work Hard to Understand What Customers Want From Your Business


Our potential customer is an informed business owner, who needs a website to find new customers and they already own a successful business. They made a poor business investment on a useless website a few years ago and understand why they need to get a better website now. They’re trying to find information about the business advantages of having a friendly business website.

They’re also trying to find credible business information because they don’t want to make another costly website mistake. They usually make good business decisions, so they’re looking for quality website information and good value. They want a credible, professional business service provider who will guarantee their work because they’re not dazzled by hype anymore!

It’s quite simple. We understand who our customer is, the business facts they want, what’s important in business and how people use a search engine to find an answer. They need to find a good business website designer because what a website cost isn’t important to a business if it doesn’t find new business. Our potential client has already discovered that a cheap business website, is definitely not a good website for business!

We use the same process for every business web site we design. We design and hand-build each web page to match each business’s unique business opportunities. Since we accept very few business web site projects, we can continue to focus on producing quality business websites. Although most business website designers try to impress clients, with a beautiful website, lots of cute slogans and all the ego-boosting words they can fit on a web page, we don’t. Our first priority is to impress your potential customer with quality information, before trying to impress your friends, employees, and family with your new company website.

Web sites designed to find a company are a unique class of web site. The World Wide Web was never intended for business use, even though the explosive growth of the Internet, now has millions of business web sites. The vast majority of these commercial sites are useless business websites that simply don’t survive. The mobile web is becoming very important to business owners who might have customers who need to find information about a company when they’re mobile.

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