Football Cushtie – on Me Head Son! And Jack Knife Jets

Full of millions of tiny polystyrene beads that make them so soft and comfy, the Cushite has to be the perfect pillow. Not satisfied with the Original, Travel and Heart, they have now introduced one shaped like a football, maybe it’s something to do with the World Cup?

The Football Cushtie measures approximately 8 inches in diameter and to keep its spherical shape is slightly firmer than its other family members. The outer lining is soft to the touch and unbelievably stretchy and smooth.

The extra firmness the Cushtie has means you can use it as an indoor football as well as your favorite cushion. Snuggle up to it if you’re in the mood, or bury your head in it if your teams’ in a penalty shoot out! The Cushite is as versatile as the others, it can be used for almost anything. Take it on a journey or cuddle up to it at home. It’s great for anger management, looks great in a football fanatics bedroom, and even comes in a net bag for added football effect!

Jack Knife Jets
You remember the days when you used to buy those little foam airplanes in an envelope that you had to build yourself. Well if they used to make you go WOW!, then be prepared to be blown away by these ready built aerobatic aircraft. Introducing the Amazing Jack Knife Jet from Air Rage, makers of great radio controlled and glider products.

The Jack Knife Jet is 14inches long and has a massive 20inch wingspan when the wings are in the fully forward position. It even comes with its very own launcher for catapulting it to heights of over 75ft, and unlike your envelope planes, these jets will stay in the air for astounding lengths of time. When The Jack Knife jet is launched from your hand with the supplied catapult the wings are in the swept-back position for high speeds as it climbs then at the peak of its climb the wings extend out allowing your jet to glide and perform the stunts it was designed for.


Iron Technology Exereo Platform

Too often the Internet’s profusion of information results in “Fatal Success,” where searches return so many matches that it becomes impossible to weed through them all. This “Information Gridlock” threatens to shatter the promise of the Internet, since a search that yields 1,000 unsuitable results is worth no more than a search that returns zero matches. If buyers can’t break through the clutter to meet sellers, e-businesses are poised to fail.
Exeo’s groundbreaking technology finally eliminates Fatal Success by introducing intuition
to the online search process. Companies now can choose the criteria essential to their online search and rank each factor according to its importance. In turn, the companies or consumers sought can then be matched within these specifically selected parameters. Exereo delivers the best available results instantly–every time.
The opportunities created by Exereo are nearly limitless. Now two parties can mutually communicate bi-directionally in real time to identify the matchmaking possibilities between them. Each party can customize its objectives to maximize the efficiency of the search. This unique exchange not only allows consumers to visualize supply, but also suppliers to visualize demand in the same instant.

How does it work?

The Iron Technology Exereo Platform (IEP), the first product released by Iron Technology, is a next-generation e-commerce server. Exereo is the perfect complement for B2B, B2C, CRM and Biotechnology endeavors, or any company reliant upon the rapid processing of vast amounts of data.
Improving the efficiency and quality of e-commerce, Exereo filters unnecessary information, prioritizes criteria and enables the creation of real-time, two-way communication. Exereo’s matching technology models real-life decision making and intuitively understands the user’s individual priorities.
Exereo’s unique system of Priority Weighting lets users designate the importance of each factor of the search. By incorporating an exclusive algorithm, Exereo guarantees the best available results every time. Unlike traditional matching technologies, Exereo is able to process vast amounts of data instantly, and to provide results in real time. Fully scalable, Exereo can easily adjust to each company’s individual needs. Exereo enables a mobile workforce by sending alert notifications when conditions change through any medium: e-mail, wireless or the Web.


The Exereo Developers Network (EDN) is designed to help selected services and technology companies leverage the power of Exereo to develop innovative solutions and grow their business.
EDN encompasses a variety of programs to enable its members to best leverage their core competencies when working with Iron Technology. Iron Technology helps its partners:
 Co-design and co-develop leading edge solutions and methodologies.
 Market services and solutions through awareness and demand generation programs.
 Deploy to and support their customers through rich technology and consulting.

Bronze EDN

Bronze is the entry level into EDN. Companies and individuals with a Bronze membership have gone through the Exereo Introduction training course and are prepared to sell and architect Exereo based e-business solutions. Bronze members logos are displayed under the appropriate section on Iron Technology’s site.

Silver members are individuals or companies that have completed the Introduction and Developer training courses. In addition to selling and architecting Exereo based solutions, Silver members have the necessary skills to implement and support feature rich Exereo based systems. Silver members logos are displayed under the appropriate section on Iron Technology’s site.

At least one individual within the organization needs to complete the Exereo Introduction and Developer training. Gold members have already been through both the Introduction and Developer training programs and have developed a vertical application on top of Exereo. Iron Technology teams up with Gold members to develop and market off the shelf applications with industry specific focus. Both companies enter a revenue sharing agreement.


The Plastic Logic Que — Ereader to Go?

Consumers were “wowed” at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with the Plastic Logic Que (pronounced “Q”) handheld eBook reader. In partnership with AT & T 3G network serving as broadband provider, the Que has WIFI capabilities. With manufacturers claiming that it is a truly exceptional device, the Que is the first of its kind that is is said to be the perfect partner for the mobile professional.

With its portability, users will certainly find it handy to carry around
Some may shy away from the Que because of its steep price tag. The WIFI 4GB model will dent the pocket by 650 bucks, while the WIFI 3G 8GB model will have you shelling out 150 bucks more. Why is it so costly? Following suit with other digital readers, the Que lets the users to read their preferred books, magazines, and newspapers.

But on top of these conventional features, they also will also be able to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The 4GB version can store up to 35,000 documents and the 8GB model holds up to 75,000. Finding reports, documents and presentations is simple, and only calls for a few taps. With this technology, you can just about bid goodbye to a briefcase bursting with documents.

This function is truly the reason why it’s most effective for the traveling professional or businessman. Likewise, students could also find the Que a useful device for them. The Que is a sleek and sophisticated gadget, equipped with a 10.7 monochrome screen built into a thin body. It measures 8.5 x 11 inches, similar in size as a standard piece of paper, and doesn’t weigh much. It is easy to bring anywhere, tucked in one’s briefcase or purse.

Stress-free on the eyes, the plastic display is very enticing and the e-ink delivers enjoyable reading. The Plastic Logic Que doesn’t work with a stylus, but a sensitive virtual keyboard. The user can take notes and highlight crucial passage in any document for future reference. The Que comes with a USB port, SD card slot and speaker, and isn’t cluttered with excessive hardware. The only button located on the front is the power button located at the bottom of the reader.

Simply put, it’s a good-looking device! The consumer will have access to their favorite books, magazines and newspapers with the wide selection in the QUE Store. Users can enjoy as well their daily newspaper over breakfast, steal a quick glance at their presentation even in the middle of a meeting, and enjoy accessible information at all times. Consumers will get their hands on the Plastic Logic Que from local retailers in mid-March, or pre-order it at the Que site.


Benefits of a Multifunctional Printer

Imagine you are in your home office, sitting on your desk and observing all your office hardware. First you start on your laptop computer then look your printer, next to your scanner, to your photocopier, bond paper storage area, hundreds of wires, and other office machines. It looks untidy, no doubt because you definitely want space to do your work with ease.

To solve this problem, buying a multifunctional printer could be an amazing solution. Multifunctional printers are praised for their multiple benefits. This is because they can print, scan, fax, and photocopy in one machine. What I will share in this article are the benefits of a multifunctional printer. I will tackle on its advantages as I start on explaining its features.
First benefit of a multifunctional printer is it takes very little space. You do not need individual equipment’s to carry out one of these functions because a multifunctional printer does several tasks in one device. This also suggests that it is much cheaper than individually acquiring a printer, scanner, and a photocopying machine.

I assure you, you can save 50% from getting an all in one printer than acquiring its functions on separate machines. Another reason why you should consider whether to buy a multifunctional printer is its networking compatibility. It is wise to have a multi-function printer in an office with many network computers. In this manner, you can share its features to several users without any set up required.

Speaking of installation, multi-function printers are very easy to install. However, it also depends on what printer brands you select. You can look on several brands of printers online so you could carefully select what type of multi-function printer to purchase. At you find more details about multi-function printer and also the discounted deals of best multi-function printers.

As for the maintenance, it is much easier to maintain than several individual equipment’s. Installation is very simple because it can be finished with only one CD rather than different CDs from different devices. These benefits should make you consider purchasing multifunctional printers.

There are lots of printer brands online that have more advanced features. So it’s beneficial if you look for these all in one printers on, read reviews and find the best deals as well as discounted offers on cheap all in one printer for yourself.


The Acceleration of Technology is Giving Birth to the Singularity

Technology is moving fast – in areas like robotics, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. Within only a few decades, mankind will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended as we most likely will merge with our technology – and become posthuman. Such is the thinking processes of the great mathematician Vernor Vinge and the contemporary inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil. Mr. Kurzweil’s book is shown – it is a wonderful read – I am currently on my 2nd pass through it…

Kurzweil considers this sharp increase to be part of an overall exponential trend in human technological development seen originally in Moore’s Law and extrapolated into a general trend in Kurzweil’s own Law of Accelerating Returns. This law sees technology increasing at an increasing rate, and whenever barriers pop up which prevents the further acceleration of the technology – a paradigm shift happens. A paradigm shift is a new framework on which the technology is based – for computation – it is like going from vacuum tubes to transistors to integrated circuits. Future paradigm shifts in computation will most likely migrate to 3d microprocessors – to quantum computing.

While some regard the Technology Singularity as a positive event and work to hasten its arrivalothers view the Technology Singularity as dangerousundesirableor unlikely to occur.

Thanks for visiting  If you like technology and enjoy thinking about the forest rather than just the trees – thinking about the social and ethical aspects of technology.


Mp3 Wrist Watch – a 256mb Mp3 Watch

Is your watch just telling you the time? Now you can upgrade to an accessory that does more with the MP3 Watch. This wristwatch is no ordinary watch, it features three functions, an MP3 player, a data password-protected USB Mass Storage device, and Digital Voice Recorder (oh! and it tells the time!), all in a neat little package on your wrist.

The MP3 player is housed in a fully functioning watch on a black plastic wristband. It features a 256Mb memory which will give you about 60 songs and a play, or random playback time of between 3 ½ – 5 hours. To add data you can connect the watch to your PC using the USB cable, which is cleverly built into the strap. Your PC will actually recharge the included lithium battery via the USB cable in approximately 90 – 120 minutes.

To listen to the MP3 player just plug the earphones in the socket on the crown of the watch and away you go. When used as a Digital Voice Recorder 2 hours of voice recordings can be stored for every 32MB, which means you’ll get about 8 hours of recording time out of it. All in all, a neat little gadget that will stand the test of time..literally!

Surf Watch – Latex Waterproof Watch
Catch waves with it, hurtle down mountains, run around, swim across the channel, or just sit down and chill out at the beach with friends. This fashionable unisex surf watch is every sports enthusiast dream. The stretchy colourful 100% latex rubber band hugs to the contours of your wrist and ensure that it won’t fall off even in the most demanding circumstances.

It is extremely comfortable and lightweight – in fact, it’s so lightweight that it actually floats – so you will hardly notice you are wearing it. The wrist band watch has a large crystal clear digital LCD display to show you the time wherever you may be venturing. And you need not worry, this little gem doesn’t need hours of programming – you’ll have the time set in a matter of seconds which means you’ll be out and about enjoying yourself before you know it!

Surf Watch  Crazy about GadgetsFor the fashion conscious amongst you, the surf watch is flat, sleek and comes in a range of six different colours to suit all tastes including vibrant red, blue, black, yellow, orange and purple. A Rolex it might not be, indestructible it could well be but with simplicity and nothing that can easily get damaged it’s definitely an essential part of every sports enthusiast kit bag.


Ibiza Ride Watch – Time Keeping at Its Best!

Watches that tell the time using hands are so last year, which is where this binary watch comes into its element.

If you’are looking for a watch to spark off a conversation or if you want to look smart, then the Ibiza Ride Binary Watch is the watch for you! Destined to become a collectible the IBIZA RIDE displays time and date by using LED lights to indicate hours and minutes. Made of high-quality stainless steel or a leather strap, whichever your choice, these binary watches feature 58 LEDs aligned in a vertical grid to display hours/minutes with PM indicator and date mode.

Both watches feature red and blue LEDs and are water-resistant to 3 ATM (90 feet), which to you and me means that, unless you go deep-sea diving on a Sunday afternoon it won’t get damaged if you wear it in the shower! These pairs of binary watches are truly stunning time-pieces that can tell the time as good as any other watch and are sure to draw comments from anyone who sees them.

Binary Watch – Ultra Stylish Binary Watch
The Retro looking Kerala Trance is another stylish binary watchusing two rows of LEDs to indicate hours and minutesThe Kerala Trance is about as geeky as watches getand displays time in binary formatwhich will take a bit of basic arithmetic to work outbut once you get used to itthis becomes quite easy.

The all-important parthow to tell the time!
The top row is made up of four LEDs that represent the hoursThe bottom row is made up of 6 LEDsthese indicate the minutes.

To tell the time all you have to do is press the function button and add up the value of the illuminated LEDsIf the LEDs 2 + 8 on the top row are litand LEDs 28 + 16 on the bottom row are litthen the time is?…please dont say 3:09The time is 10:26
This sleek looking binary watch also comes with a top_ quality genuine leather strap and is water resistant to 3ATM (unless your names Mr Bond thats 30 metres).


Led Binary Watch – Samui Moon Binary Watches

Cryptography (or cryptology; derived from Greek kryptós meaning ‘hidden,’ and gráfein meaning ‘to write’) is a discipline of mathematics
So before we bore you to tears we’re pleased to be able to tell you that the Samui Moon Binary watches use binary coding to tell the time. This is good because the binary is one of the easiest cryptic codes out there and with a little practice the code is easy to break unlocking the secret time within.

As the old saying goes, what’s in a name! Both these stunning watches take their name from the beautiful Thai island of Koh Samui. While we can’t seem to draw any comparisons between the name and the watches it doesn’t take away the fact that both these models are just as impressive to look at as they are in use (Once you’ve worked out how to use them).

The stylish stainless steel presentation box (instructions included inside), sumptuously soft leather straps combined with polished stainless steel watch back, and casing all combine seamlessly with the fiery red or cool blue LEDs giving you a quality watch that far surpasses its price tag. The Samui watches are water-resistant to 30 meters/90 feet/3atm, come with batteries, and with the added intricate detail of the circuit board watch face replacing boring old long and short hands we’re sure even 007 would be jealous.

Now comes the essentially boring bit. There are 10 LEDs in total, used to indicate the numbers in the binary sequence (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32). The top row of LEDs indicates the hours while the bottom row tells you the minutes. By counting the LEDs that are lit and adding them together you can decipher the time.

The top (Hour) row of LEDs can be added together to represent any number between zero and twelve because the binary sequence includes 1, 2, 4, and 8 while the bottom row can be added together to represent any number between 0 and 59 because the bottom binary sequence will include the numbers 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32.

It really sounds like Mission Impossible but takes it from us you’ll be deciphering the code instantly once you get a little practice in! For all the technocrats amongst you, there are detailed instructions included (not that you’d need them of course).


The Need for Reliable and Affordable Computing

I am an avid computer fanqie have worked with and appreciated the many computing advances that have taken place over the last 20 years. But it has been a love-hate relationship. Wonderful advances in technology have been accompanied by an increasing amount of time just trying to keep things running. Great new programs have been introduced and improved, but sometimes there is just too much to learn to get the job done.

We have welcomed the magical world of email and the web, yet through the back door have come the uninvited guests of spam, viruses, and spyware. There have been significant advances in computing speed, however they often result in difficult hardware and software upgrades, and a financial burden trying to keep up.
Clearly, some of the progress in the computer world has actually made things more difficult.

And it doesn’t stop at the office. At home for years I have heard the same plaintive cry: “Dad, the computer’s not working.” Which often has meant more time I didn’t have to keep things running.
A personal computer can cost a school or business as much to maintain and support–usually much more than the original purchase price. It can cost as much to deal with a single virus or spyware attack as it would to replace the entire computer.

Because of these expenses, some organizations (unfortunately) have just given up and have accepted less-than-adequate performance from their PCs. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Basic reliable and affordable computing is available for under $200 per computer per year (really). When I first discovered the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP), it was like seeing magic–imagine a Pentium 166 computer, that would otherwise be relegated to landfill, running programs at the speeds as fast as today’s most current computers.

I hope that you feel some of the same excitement that I did as you discover this great technology. Welcome to an exciting world: the world of “Linux”, “Thin Clients,” and “Open Source Software.” While you may not know what those terms mean, they ultimately represent a more reliable and more affordable computing experience than most people.  Complete school, lab, or business networks can be set up in less than a day and can provide years of inexpensive computer use.

Existing computers can be converted to high-speed workstations. Popular software programs like OpenOffice and Firefox run fast and effectively. There are no operating system or software licensing fees, no costly upgrades, and no viruses or spyware to worry about.


Gadgets Caravan Services

Efficient Caravan Repair and Servicing

Caravans, campers and motor homes are some of those recreational vehicles that require timely servicing to keep them in good condition. At Gadget’s Caravan Services, we offer expert services of caravan and camper repairs, caravan alterations as well as bespoke servicing of motor homes, marine crafts, campers and caravans.

Here, we offer both private as well as insurance repair services. Offering repairs and servicing of high standards, we have now become the repairer of choice for numerous dealers and manufacturers. So, if you are looking out for quality services of caravan repairs across Melbourne, then you have come to the right place.

In addition, our services of caravan renovations as well as caravan insurance repairs are also second to none. We understand how important your caravan is for you. Therefore, we take pride in offering quality repair and servicing, in which we neither overdo nor neglect any aspect of your recreational vehicle.

We have highly knowledgeable and well experienced technicians who will efficiently repair and service your caravans. Our comprehensive service will address all your RV needs. We have the skill, knowledge, capabilities and above all the passion for repairing, maintaining, servicing and upgrading your caravan.

Comprehensive Repair and Servicing

The variety of services we offer will definitely impress you. Right from insurance repair and assistance with private services, we provide them all. Our all-inclusive range includes:
* Aluminum and fiberglass repairs
* Paint repairs
* Carry out aluminum cladding
* Axle servicing
* Efficiently fit other extras, such as awnings, TV antennas, reverse          cameras, solar panels and many more
* Servicing of axle, including the European vans
* Repairs and replacement of awnings
* Solar systems
* Battery power systems
* Installations and modifications
* Conversions and repair of electric brakes

Such a comprehensive range of services will ensure that all your concerns are addressed. If you are looking out for services of caravan awnings repair in Melbourne or caravan aluminum cladding, then we have got you covered.

Why Choose Us?

Offering quality services for over 10 years now, we have now become the choice of many dealers and insurance companies. We strongly believe in transparency and carry out a fair job. For this reason we do not waste your precious time, fix things that were never broken or sell stuffs, which you actually do not need. Moreover, we also understand that not always clients can bring down their caravans for repair to our location.

Therefore, we offer on-site repair services where possible. Our staff have a detailed understanding of every aspect of caravan repair. Once you bring it in, our repair specialists can assist you with caravan repair, irrespective of the age, condition or make of your vehicle. In short, you will find almost everything required to get your recreational vehicle back on road.