Iron Technology Exereo Platform

Too often the Internet’s profusion of information results in “Fatal Success,” where searches return so many matches that it becomes impossible to weed through them all. This “Information Gridlock” threatens to shatter the promise of the Internet, since a search that yields 1,000 unsuitable results is worth no more than a search that returns zero matches. If buyers can’t break through the clutter to meet sellers, e-businesses are poised to fail.
Exeo’s groundbreaking technology finally eliminates Fatal Success by introducing intuition
to the online search process. Companies now can choose the criteria essential to their online search and rank each factor according to its importance. In turn, the companies or consumers sought can then be matched within these specifically selected parameters. Exereo delivers the best available results instantly–every time.
The opportunities created by Exereo are nearly limitless. Now two parties can mutually communicate bi-directionally in real time to identify the matchmaking possibilities between them. Each party can customize its objectives to maximize the efficiency of the search. This unique exchange not only allows consumers to visualize supply, but also suppliers to visualize demand in the same instant.

How does it work?

The Iron Technology Exereo Platform (IEP), the first product released by Iron Technology, is a next-generation e-commerce server. Exereo is the perfect complement for B2B, B2C, CRM and Biotechnology endeavors, or any company reliant upon the rapid processing of vast amounts of data.
Improving the efficiency and quality of e-commerce, Exereo filters unnecessary information, prioritizes criteria and enables the creation of real-time, two-way communication. Exereo’s matching technology models real-life decision making and intuitively understands the user’s individual priorities.
Exereo’s unique system of Priority Weighting lets users designate the importance of each factor of the search. By incorporating an exclusive algorithm, Exereo guarantees the best available results every time. Unlike traditional matching technologies, Exereo is able to process vast amounts of data instantly, and to provide results in real time. Fully scalable, Exereo can easily adjust to each company’s individual needs. Exereo enables a mobile workforce by sending alert notifications when conditions change through any medium: e-mail, wireless or the Web.


The Exereo Developers Network (EDN) is designed to help selected services and technology companies leverage the power of Exereo to develop innovative solutions and grow their business.
EDN encompasses a variety of programs to enable its members to best leverage their core competencies when working with Iron Technology. Iron Technology helps its partners:
 Co-design and co-develop leading edge solutions and methodologies.
 Market services and solutions through awareness and demand generation programs.
 Deploy to and support their customers through rich technology and consulting.

Bronze EDN

Bronze is the entry level into EDN. Companies and individuals with a Bronze membership have gone through the Exereo Introduction training course and are prepared to sell and architect Exereo based e-business solutions. Bronze members logos are displayed under the appropriate section on Iron Technology’s site.

Silver members are individuals or companies that have completed the Introduction and Developer training courses. In addition to selling and architecting Exereo based solutions, Silver members have the necessary skills to implement and support feature rich Exereo based systems. Silver members logos are displayed under the appropriate section on Iron Technology’s site.

At least one individual within the organization needs to complete the Exereo Introduction and Developer training. Gold members have already been through both the Introduction and Developer training programs and have developed a vertical application on top of Exereo. Iron Technology teams up with Gold members to develop and market off the shelf applications with industry specific focus. Both companies enter a revenue sharing agreement.


The Acceleration of Technology is Giving Birth to the Singularity

Technology is moving fast – in areas like robotics, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. Within only a few decades, mankind will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended as we most likely will merge with our technology – and become posthuman. Such is the thinking processes of the great mathematician Vernor Vinge and the contemporary inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil. Mr. Kurzweil’s book is shown – it is a wonderful read – I am currently on my 2nd pass through it…

Kurzweil considers this sharp increase to be part of an overall exponential trend in human technological development seen originally in Moore’s Law and extrapolated into a general trend in Kurzweil’s own Law of Accelerating Returns. This law sees technology increasing at an increasing rate, and whenever barriers pop up which prevents the further acceleration of the technology – a paradigm shift happens. A paradigm shift is a new framework on which the technology is based – for computation – it is like going from vacuum tubes to transistors to integrated circuits. Future paradigm shifts in computation will most likely migrate to 3d microprocessors – to quantum computing.

While some regard the Technology Singularity as a positive event and work to hasten its arrivalothers view the Technology Singularity as dangerousundesirableor unlikely to occur.

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