Mp3 Wrist Watch – a 256mb Mp3 Watch


Is your watch just telling you the time? Now you can upgrade to an accessory that does more with the MP3 Watch. This wristwatch is no ordinary watch, it features three functions, an MP3 player, a data password-protected USB Mass Storage device, and Digital Voice Recorder (oh! and it tells the time!), all in a neat little package on your wrist.

The MP3 player is housed in a fully functioning watch on a black plastic wristband. It features a 256Mb memory which will give you about 60 songs and a play, or random playback time of between 3 ½ – 5 hours. To add data you can connect the watch to your PC using the USB cable, which is cleverly built into the strap. Your PC will actually recharge the included lithium battery via the USB cable in approximately 90 – 120 minutes.

To listen to the MP3 player just plug the earphones in the socket on the crown of the watch and away you go. When used as a Digital Voice Recorder 2 hours of voice recordings can be stored for every 32MB, which means you’ll get about 8 hours of recording time out of it. All in all, a neat little gadget that will stand the test of time..literally!

Surf Watch – Latex Waterproof Watch
Catch waves with it, hurtle down mountains, run around, swim across the channel, or just sit down and chill out at the beach with friends. This fashionable unisex surf watch is every sports enthusiast dream. The stretchy colourful 100% latex rubber band hugs to the contours of your wrist and ensure that it won’t fall off even in the most demanding circumstances.

It is extremely comfortable and lightweight – in fact, it’s so lightweight that it actually floats – so you will hardly notice you are wearing it. The wrist band watch has a large crystal clear digital LCD display to show you the time wherever you may be venturing. And you need not worry, this little gem doesn’t need hours of programming – you’ll have the time set in a matter of seconds which means you’ll be out and about enjoying yourself before you know it!

Surf Watch  Crazy about GadgetsFor the fashion conscious amongst you, the surf watch is flat, sleek and comes in a range of six different colours to suit all tastes including vibrant red, blue, black, yellow, orange and purple. A Rolex it might not be, indestructible it could well be but with simplicity and nothing that can easily get damaged it’s definitely an essential part of every sports enthusiast kit bag.

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