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Iron Technology Professional Services helps companies design, develop, and implement internal software solutions. Our team of business and technical experts will work closely with your management and technical team to identify and deliver the best solutions for your particular needs. Our award winning engineers have the proven ability to design, develop, and deploy revolutionary commercial products that create efficiencies and save money while freeing you to focus on your core business.

Our solutions range in breadth and scope from our iron express solutions to our full custom solutions. To help identify the most appropriate solution for your organization, please see the descriptions below or  directly.

iron solutions

  • iron express – Iron Technology develops an HTML prototype that clearly shows the navigation, look, and feel of the application. While excluding graphic design, this solution is the perfect way for companies to get started. Our Engineers work closely with end users or project sponsors to incorporate sample content and define the desired functionality.
  • iron architecture – Iron Technology engineers work with our customers to design the System Architecture to best suit the application on hand. This process involves tight collaboration with the technical staff in charge of building the ultimate solution. Often the areas of analysis include: data modeling, application logic, network design, third party software, and operating systems.
  • iron selection – Companies developing new applications can find support in Iron Technology engineers to identify the tools and products best suited to do the job. We also offer software product evaluation, including benchmarking, technical evaluations, business evaluations, and more.
  • iron custom solutions – Iron Technology also offers Java-based custom application development on a per project basis. Project teams made up of five people with skills ranging from Project Management, Systems Analysis, and Software Engineering, work with our customers to develop customized solutions in a variety of areas: e-Commerce, Decision Support, Data Management, Personalization, and CRM. Although the duration of these assignments is flexible, typical durations are between four and twelve weeks.

    In addition to the custom development expertise, Iron Technology can leverage its patent-pending Exerted Insight Server for certain “matching” applications (auctions, complex searches of structured data, Data Mining, CRM) as well as the Iron Application Server (IAS) for rapid application development. IAS is a next generation server with built-in support for dynamic SQL generation, database encryption, scheduled services, dynamic HTML generation, XML parsing and generation, WAP, SMS, Fault Tolerant Transactions, SMTP, POP, Instant Messaging, and FTP.

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