Ibiza Ride Watch – Time Keeping at Its Best!


Watches that tell the time using hands are so last year, which is where this binary watch comes into its element.

If you’are looking for a watch to spark off a conversation or if you want to look smart, then the Ibiza Ride Binary Watch is the watch for you! Destined to become a collectible the IBIZA RIDE displays time and date by using LED lights to indicate hours and minutes. Made of high-quality stainless steel or a leather strap, whichever your choice, these binary watches feature 58 LEDs aligned in a vertical grid to display hours/minutes with PM indicator and date mode.

Both watches feature red and blue LEDs and are water-resistant to 3 ATM (90 feet), which to you and me means that, unless you go deep-sea diving on a Sunday afternoon it won’t get damaged if you wear it in the shower! These pairs of binary watches are truly stunning time-pieces that can tell the time as good as any other watch and are sure to draw comments from anyone who sees them.

Binary Watch – Ultra Stylish Binary Watch
The Retro looking Kerala Trance is another stylish binary watchusing two rows of LEDs to indicate hours and minutesThe Kerala Trance is about as geeky as watches getand displays time in binary formatwhich will take a bit of basic arithmetic to work outbut once you get used to itthis becomes quite easy.

The all-important parthow to tell the time!
The top row is made up of four LEDs that represent the hoursThe bottom row is made up of 6 LEDsthese indicate the minutes.

To tell the time all you have to do is press the function button and add up the value of the illuminated LEDsIf the LEDs 2 + 8 on the top row are litand LEDs 28 + 16 on the bottom row are litthen the time is?…please dont say 3:09The time is 10:26
This sleek looking binary watch also comes with a top_ quality genuine leather strap and is water resistant to 3ATM (unless your names Mr Bond thats 30 metres).

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