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The Case for Telecom Expense Management

With telecommunications services becoming increasingly complex to use and understand, and with multiple service and billing options, there is a strong case for enterprise, both medium to large businesses, to utilize telecom expense management services.  There are many factors at play driving the need for telecom expense management including:

  • Too many bills and/or bills are too large and complex to manage
  • Enterprise customers are constantly changing their telecommunications
  • Lack of coordination between the enterprise accounts payable department and departments utilizing telecommunications services
  • Enterprise is not adequately prepared to manage telecom expenses themselves
  • The stakes are high with large corporations telecommunications expenses representing $ MM and billing errors representing 5% to 15%

There are evolutionary stages in terms of how an enterprise will utilize telecom expense management services, which roughly followed the following progression: Internal Audit, Contingency Audit, Managed Solutions, and TEM Software

Internal Telecom Expense Management Audit

Even before an enterprise considers TEM services, they will usually first realize that they may have an issue with telecom expenses and conduct their own telecom audit.  While this is a good start, primarily because improvement starts with recognition of a problem, it is not a scalable solution, as enterprises are not equipped to manage telecom expenses.  This is due to many factors including the fact that they lack training and the tools for TEM.

Contingency Telecom Cost Auditing

The next stage in the evolution of TEM, after the enterprise realizes there is a need for telecom expense management, is to hire a TEM service provider company.  The quickest, easiest, and least resource impacting and risk free way to start with TEM is to engage in a contingency telecom expense audit.  In a contingency audit, the TEM service provider will search for billing errors, overcharges and other sources of telecom cost savings, billing for services on a contingency basis – if no savings are found, there is no charge.

In addition, the contingency fee basis typically includes upside for the TEM service provider by way of payment being a percentage of actual realized telecom cost savings, which can be up to 50%.  This can represent a lot for the enterprise customer to give up in terms of overall telecom cost savings, but a good way to get started to show the potential magnitude of savings and a good segue to the next step in TEM evolution – managed TEM solutions.

Managed Telecom Expense Management Solutions

In a managed TEM solution, the TEM service provider offers a completely outsourced solution based on an ASP model.  The enterprise customer will have the need for little or no software at their location as managed TEM solutions are often web-based, allowing access to information such as TEM reports, archived telecom invoices, etc.

Are all available through a standard web browser.  Managed TEM solutions have several advantages over contingency audits including the enterprise customer realizing a greater savings on a percentage basis of TEM service provider fees, the overall savings are greater over time, and everything is outsourced to the TEM service provider.

Telecom Expense Management Software

TEM software enables the enterprise customer to bring more telecom expense management in-house, which can provider further cost savings and control to the enterprise.  Many TEM service providers argue that there is never a reason for the enterprise to migrate away from the TEM ASP model based on total cost of ownership and to the extent that this may be true based on pure ROI analysis, the migration to TEM software becomes a control issue for the enterprise.

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Buying a Top Android Telephone is a Good Choice.

Verizon wireless has officially released the Droid two cell-phone and an official launch date is booked. The Verizon Motorola Droid two is a more modern version of Verizon’s original Droid and is now apart of a line of mobiles utilizing the Droid name. While the Droid two is generally a business telephone it has tons of capacities for multi-media, making it a great all around machine.

The Droid line of telephones is Verizon’s flagship telephones that are placing some major competition on the smartphone market. So so as to speed up your telephone, what you want are a good task boss and an application that may help you to control your boot list. Fortunate for you, here is a programmed named Advanced Task Executive can achieve the 2 features for you.

As a helpful and convenient system tool, it helps android telephone users end jobs processes and services from running to unencumber space in memory, speed up your telephone and save battery. You can simply remove your installed applications. It’s also an uninstaller. The text fields in the telephone are all voice enabled. With this feature, users can select to make use of the mike button and talk into the telephone and have the speech converted into text.

While Google Voice and the Voice Keyboard are both good for functionality’s sake, the Live Wallpaper is for prepping up the telephone. Thru the application, users can select from a spread of wallpapers eg the Grass which shows blades of grass waving carefully, Wizardry Smoke which draws clouds and plasmas in different colors, and Water which when touched gives a rippling effect. Use your personal computer to connect something and e-mail it to oneself.

Then use your Android telephone and get the attachment off it with the e-mail application that’s already on the telephone. Often you can just use the web and download the file yourself onto your gadget. When it is time to make a call about one of the top Android telephones, it is clever to consider what you will be using your cellular phone for. If you’ve got your own server, you can upload files to download later on your telephone.

If nonetheless, your objective is to employ your telephone for mobile entertainment and contacts, you will need iPhone technology to remain in the club with your folks, mates and pastimes. If your principal goal is having the ability to make telephone calls, you almost certainly have no need for a telephone with so many knobs and whistles. Mobiles have actually developed from the times when they were built like giant breaks and could hardly slot in briefcases.

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Why Have You Got to Put Information Onto Your Android Phone?

When talking about latest cellphones how will we leave Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc out of discourse? This new gizmo from Sony is just mind blowing. It’s smooth design, bold look and heaps of features can fascinate even the most fastidious cell-phone user. So as to speed up your telephone, what you want are a good task executive and a program that can help you to control your boot list.

It also permits you to manage your boot list to accelerate the velocity of your phone’s boot. As a helpful and convenient system tool, it helps android telephone users end jobs processes and services from running to disencumber space in memory, speed up your telephone and save battery. It’s also an uninstaller. You can simply remove your installed applications.

Below we’re going to discuss a spread of methods that this will work for you. Why is it necessary to put information onto your Android Telephone ? Many need to put info onto the telephone to be well placed to use with their applications. This could be a document to read or edit. You could have music or video that you wish to hear or watch.

It permits users to allot their Google Voice number into the telephone for texts and outward bound calls. The Voice Keyboard is an application launched last year. With this feature, users can select to utilize the mic button and talk into the telephone and have the speech converted into text. This application is discovered to be ninety percent correct by some Nexus One users.

While Google Voice and the Voice Keyboard are both good for functionality’s sake, the Live Wallpaper is for prepping up the telephone. The telephones includes a camera that’s 5 million pixels, together with a 3.5mm headphone jack that has made it possible to hear music already on your phone. The HTC Legend is hot.

Its rating on the internet site Know Your Mobile dot com was number one. The HTC Legend isn’t the first Android telephone but is sort of high in demand. This could have to do with the conjunction between the HTC control panel and the Android 2.1 system software. One of its most well-liked features is the control it offers.

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A Dependable Reverse Mobile Phone Lookup Service?

If you would like to uncover the name and locale of your operator of a particular phone amount (mobile or landline) and this variety is just not listed in whitespaces or cell phone publications, you will need a specialized invert telephone lookup support. These companies operate by acquiring discover to subscriber databases of different cellular operators and mobile phone businesses. By combining numerous sources of info, they offer users having a capability to seek via a huge database containing pretty much all phone statistics in the USA.

This database contains land line amounts, unlisted amounts and cell cell phone figures. Reverse phone number lookup expertise are bound by agreements with cell phone firms, which prohibit them from delivering this info for cost-free (primarily for the good reasons of privacy)!! This will be the cause why you may need a valid credit card or paypal account to register and use these solutions. This ensures that they can’t be utilized for illegal reasons (e.g. stalking.)

In addition to, cellphone corporations cost for access to their databases in the primary location, so reverse lookup providers make an effort to recoup a number of their costs by requiring a subscription fee.
Are there any cost-free solutions to paid for invert mobile phone lookup expertise? In case you don’t experience like making use of paid services, you will discover a handful of options that may well aid.

You may look up the variety in publicly offered whitespaces or telephone publications, or use an world-wide-web seek engine, for example Google or Yahoo. On the other hand, if the quantity in question is cell cell phone or unlisted, you search will most most likely offer no results, simply because this kind of info will not be publicly obtainable. It will not damage to try, although.

What form of info it is possible to expect to find utilizing a reverse cell phone directory program? You are able to anticipate finding the owner’s name and deal with.  Some solutions also present further details for example the record of household members.
How to use a reverse cellphone lookup support?

Simply enter the phone amount which you happen to be researching into the on-line kind. Most providers will instantly produce the following data for totally free:

* Whether or not the telephone variety in question is cellular or land line.                                                                                                          * The precise area (metropolis and state) where the quantity is registered.
* No matter if any additional info about this variety is offered.

To find the name of your phone’s operator, you will should obtain access to your company (a nominal yearly charge is generally necessary)! As talked about over, the registration requirement is usually a way of ensuring the support is not going to be utilized illegally.
Are reverse phone lookup services authorized? Yes, mobile mobile phone lookup providers are completely legal, supplied you employ the obtained info for lawful purposes. In distinct, you are not permitted to take benefit of this details for generating telemarketing calls.

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Ways to Get Stickiness in Enterprise Apps

In lots of recent technology success tales an essential component may be the “stickiness factor”. These super sticky websites and applications increased their users list virally and tremendously. Should you haven’t caught on yet take it easy the idea itself isn’t tricky. Within this context sticky describes when users stay longer, and coming back to make use of software. Within the situation from the web, the browser’s homepage (and also to a smaller degree favorites) helps a website to become sticky.

More and more however mobile apps using their installation process, ease of access, featuring, have better possibilities to become sticky. Many people consider stickiness as purely for consumer facing applications. Enterprise applications can use sticky strategies to increase usage and drive worker behaviors. The carrot and stick have to be appropriately considered based on your relationship together with your users, organizational culture, and appetite for risk.

For instance you shouldn’t drive the incorrect conduct inside your employees by encouraging these to have fun with their phone instead of doing their job. What exactly features apply sticky? Gamification techniques are frequently preferred. A few examples of those include achievements, point scoring, leader boards, time/daily based challenges, and obsolescence. (For more info on gamification please make reference to the content “Enterprise Gamification – could it be a factor?”).

Furthermore supplying time sensitive information for example news updates, enabling chat features, and importantly social media techniques can encourage users to go back to the application. Combined with the social and gamification options to become truly sticky the applying should be functional and as easy as practical. Why be worried about sticky? Stickiness is really a key adding step to user uptake.

The days are gone of construct it and they’ll come, with user expectations ongoing to improve. You probably know this you would like users to become excited and motivated to apply your mobile application. Consider marketing and messaging reinforcement, every page view and each second that the user is getting together with you impacts brand loyalty and offers additional possibilities. Leverage your crowd.

Whether you’ve millions or simply countless users. Are you able to consider wherein you can assist them that will help you. Think about the KPIs that you’re driving and factoring these via sticky/gamification techniques into mobile apps. For instance make a service organization having a mobile application to capture work occasions. This organization is keen for every worker to capture customer success tales.

You can simply give a survey towards the application however it may be a lot more effective to allow your worker to capture a relevant video from the customer’s response to their service. Allow employees to achieve their KPI within an interactive way and reward the very best videos with extra recognition. Sales and Call-center/help-desk business process have obvious targets and easily available statistics that may leverage gamification techniques.

In case your organizational culture includes a competitive streak then adding gamification features just like a scoreboard can offer a genuine speaking point. Possibly the top five sales agents might be proven within an readily available way. Additionally adding social type interactions for example “liking” or “sharing” key occasions can drive stickiness.