A Mobile Application to Improve the Management of Social Crm


Social media is profoundly changing our behavior and our expectations and hence the relationship between brands and their customers. Social CRM takes this upheaval into account and enriches “traditional” CRM by extending the scope of customer relationship management to social platforms: companies benefit from an additional channel to communicate and interact directly with their customers and prospects and thus acquire a better knowledge or even a different vision of their market at least to date of part of their market .

But for a social CRM strategy to generate added value, all the departments of the company that are involved in customer relationship management must be involved: the marketing in charge of acquisition and loyalty campaigns, customer service guaranteeing satisfaction, the sales force for monitoring and managing their accounts, etc. Optimizing access to information and its sharing between employees is therefore crucial: it is about ensure that messages from social media are assigned to the right people so that they are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

In this regard, Apple’s Flipboard application, which offers a new way of reading the web, can be used by the company as a tool to help manage social content and relationships with its network. Available on iPad and iPhone, Flipboard aggregates textual and visual content from websites and social media that interest you and reformats them to deliver them in a graphic and ergonomic page form, with a magazine-like layout. You then browse through this content as if you were leafing through a digital newspaper.

You can easily view and consult all the content (news, photos, links, etc.) that you publish on your Facebook and Twitter accounts (to follow the interfaces with other platforms, in particular LinkedIn) and those published by your contacts. Applied to the professional environment, the experience becomes a dynamic, interactive and collaborative press review, which synthesizes the contributions of your company’s ecosystem on the social web.

For your teams, an application such as Flipboard is therefore a great tool for viewing, sharing and real-time processing of information from social media. In addition, the possibility of creating a personalized web 2.0 magazine and the simple and intuitive navigation are important factors for a rapid appropriation of the tool by the users. By combining the use of Flipboard on iPad with a social CRM solution, your employees have new tools to improve their multimedia customer relationship management.

Integrate COSMIC, the social CRM solution from update software, to identify and collect contributions from the social web relevant to your business. You can then follow in real time what is being said about your company and its products on social media, including Facebook and Twitter, and have this information anywhere and anytime on your iPad. This classification will serve as a reading grid to analyze the data collected and decide on the action to be implemented.

Flipboard gives you all this information in a clear, synthetic and structured way. By combining the advantages of collaboration, digital and mobility, access to social web information sources in Flipboard format allows optimal management of your social CRM.

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