Ways to Get Stickiness in Enterprise Apps


In lots of recent technology success tales an essential component may be the “stickiness factor”. These super sticky websites and applications increased their users list virally and tremendously. Should you haven’t caught on yet take it easy the idea itself isn’t tricky. Within this context sticky describes when users stay longer, and coming back to make use of software. Within the situation from the web, the browser’s homepage (and also to a smaller degree favorites) helps a website to become sticky.

More and more however mobile apps using their installation process, ease of access, featuring, have better possibilities to become sticky. Many people consider stickiness as purely for consumer facing applications. Enterprise applications can use sticky strategies to increase usage and drive worker behaviors. The carrot and stick have to be appropriately considered based on your relationship together with your users, organizational culture, and appetite for risk.

For instance you shouldn’t drive the incorrect conduct inside your employees by encouraging these to have fun with their phone instead of doing their job. What exactly features apply sticky? Gamification techniques are frequently preferred. A few examples of those include achievements, point scoring, leader boards, time/daily based challenges, and obsolescence. (For more info on gamification please make reference to the content “Enterprise Gamification – could it be a factor?”).

Furthermore supplying time sensitive information for example news updates, enabling chat features, and importantly social media techniques can encourage users to go back to the application. Combined with the social and gamification options to become truly sticky the applying should be functional and as easy as practical. Why be worried about sticky? Stickiness is really a key adding step to user uptake.

The days are gone of construct it and they’ll come, with user expectations ongoing to improve. You probably know this you would like users to become excited and motivated to apply your mobile application. Consider marketing and messaging reinforcement, every page view and each second that the user is getting together with you impacts brand loyalty and offers additional possibilities. Leverage your crowd.

Whether you’ve millions or simply countless users. Are you able to consider wherein you can assist them that will help you. Think about the KPIs that you’re driving and factoring these via sticky/gamification techniques into mobile apps. For instance make a service organization having a mobile application to capture work occasions. This organization is keen for every worker to capture customer success tales.

You can simply give a survey towards the application however it may be a lot more effective to allow your worker to capture a relevant video from the customer’s response to their service. Allow employees to achieve their KPI within an interactive way and reward the very best videos with extra recognition. Sales and Call-center/help-desk business process have obvious targets and easily available statistics that may leverage gamification techniques.

In case your organizational culture includes a competitive streak then adding gamification features just like a scoreboard can offer a genuine speaking point. Possibly the top five sales agents might be proven within an readily available way. Additionally adding social type interactions for example “liking” or “sharing” key occasions can drive stickiness.

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