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We are dedicated to providing quality information management software for the digital currency community. Since the advent of online business and investments, there has been a growing demand for and
utilization of e-currency. Because of its borderless nature, e-currency has become a favorite of  consumers worldwide.

Consumer acquisition of products, services and subscriptions is effortless due to this secure and economical method of payment. Despite the fact that more merchants accept this method of payment and many forms of  e-currency are at the disposal of the digital currency community, one element has been consistently absent.

The means with which to manage digital currency accounts. We at Dynamic Software Design understand the demand for an e-currency management system  that not only meets the basic needs of the digital currency user, but provides the same level of  convenience and security that e-currency users presently enjoy with their local banking institutions.

In answer to this need, we are proud to introduce Portfolio Manager. Portfolio Manager is the result of a combined 10 years experience in the digital currency community. At the onset of its development over one year ago, Dynamic Software Design identified 5 areas of dissatisfaction with regard to the experiences of e-currency users:

– lack of high level security
– no means with which to manage e-currency programs
– no means with which to manage financial services
– lack of easy access to multiple e-currency, retailers, and service providers
– inability to manage e-currency exchange services from a centralized platform

With Portfolio Manager, the e-currency user can enjoy the ease of multiple account management, access to digital currency account history, and profitability forecasting simply by executing the software. Portfolio Manager provides a new level of comfort and security unsurpassed by any existing software on the internet today.

Operate your e-gold accounts in a “hacker proof” environment. No longer do you have to worry about unauthorized entry into your egad account. While using your Portfolio Manager, you can manage multiple e-gold accounts at one time and never have to type in a username or password.

This dramatically decreases the chances of your personal account information getting into the wrong hands. Portfolio Manager offers cutting-edge design, advanced programming, and many useful features  that allow e-currency users to effectively manage their valuable time and money.

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